Are you searching for a reliable courier express to dispatch a heavy or large item nationwide in the UK? At Katz couriers we expertise in shipping items of all sizes and shapes, but we are exceptionally competitive and ambitious when it relates to dispatching heavier items or larger packages via our courier services. Whether you are an individual or a tradesperson, if you want to dispatch any material, goods or baggage that is sizable and heavier than the standard, there are certain conditions you need to consider to assure that your item shows up at its destination safely and undamaged.

Secure and protected packaging: During the transit, it is important to consider that the item travels through many stages of its course to the destination. The packaged items are generally sorted by automated machines, before being carried alongside several categories of other packages. At Katz couriers, we always request our clients to make sure that they use the double-walled, rigid, sturdy and quality cardboard boxes for heavy or large items. A dual-walled cardboard box is durable and strong, and less likely to crumble, open or split under stress.

Be careful and definitive: Dispatching heavier and bulkier goods and materials are undoubtedly much more expensive and you need to be cautious about that to avoid any kind of extra charges. So it is very crucial to be as specific as you can be when ordering your large and sizable items transporting with the Katz Courier Express. If the parcel is even marginally overweight or over-sized than the originally mentioned dimensions of your item, you may come across additional charges or the item could be returned to the sender for these kinds of inaccuracies.

Online tracking of the package: Online Parcel tracking assures that your item is on its way to the mentioned destination and not lost in transit. This gives the differentiating factor than its rivals of any courier service to earn the loyalty of the customers by providing them reliable courier services. Having entire authority to online tracking systems aids you to audit the advancement of the shipment or the package on a real-time basis to its destination. So it is always advisable to dispatch your bulkier or sizable item with a reputable and reliable courier like us that offers this facility. At Katz Couriers, we offer entire online tracking system for your parcel on every type of shipments. If you observe any type red flag that causes you worry, our committed customer assistance team is always willing to assist you.

Select Door to Door Courier Service: You do not need to pack your valuable and sizable parcel on your own. At Katz couriers, we offer packaging services along with door to door pickup and delivery services to avert any kind of inconvenience.

Coverage for damage or loss: We always assure that your parcel is safeguarded from damage or loss irrespective of its size and weight. Please go through the list of no-coverage and prohibited items to ensure that your item contents are safeguarded. Otherwise, the items may not be qualified for a full or partial reimbursement. You should always keep repayment coverage in your mind while dealing with shipping large or sizable items.